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We specialise in end-to-end strategy execution of enterprise security including identity & access management, information security, threat and risk management.

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The advent of rapid digitization in an interconnected world and the relentless growth of transformative technologies, underscores the importance of cybersecurity much more than ever. With our deep expertise in managing enterprise security for various organizations in multiple domains across geographies, we help our clients design and execute security strategies to reduce security threats and risks, while increasing the predictability, integrity and security of their information.

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Enterprises today require easy and secure access to information anytime, anywhere with effective measures of control over access and protection from threats. We have extensive experience in implementing leading IAM technologies across identity management, access management, access governance, and privileged identity and access management.

In a dynamically changing business environment, risk management, and information assurance play a critical role in the overall growth of an enterprise. We implement leading GRC solutions to provide your organization with critical information to support your decision-making and compliance.

Effective implementation of security starts with a clear understanding of your IT vulnerabilities. We validate the effectiveness of your current environment and enable you to make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business.

Deep expertise in enterprise security

  • I&AM Roadmap & Solution Blueprint for a bank in US.
  • Credential Management solution for a Banking major in UK.
  • Handled I&AM program for a Banking major in Australia.
  • Solution Architecture consulting for a Insurance major in UK.
  • Data Migration engagement for a Insurance Major in UK.
  • PCI Compliance for a Retailer in US.
  • Product recommendation and Solution Architecture for a Retail major in US.
  • Directory Integration engagement for a Retail major in US.
  • Solution Architecture consulting for a Publishing major in US.
  • Solution architecture using Open Source I&AM for a education major in UK.
Specialized Services
  • I&AM Business Case and Solution Architecture for a Services major in US.
  • Delivery of I&AM program for a IT Services major in US.
  • Data privacy implementation for a Healthcare major.

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