Digitalization Platform

A flagship SMAC Offering from NetAnalytiks with a Digitization Suite of products to “Go Digital”.

An end to end digital platform to aid enterprises in digital transformation journey.

Utilizing the power of the latest big data, analytics, cloud and digital technology stacks, NetAnalytiks has developed this innovative product that can change the speed and ease of digitalization efforts of an enterprise.

Our digitalization platform leverages a plethora of latest technologies.


The NetAnalytiks Digitizer provides the ease of use in converting any document or image into PDF format without the need for any other 3rd party converters, as the first step in the Digital journey.

Some of the other features of the Digitizer are Connect with customers to enable reorder and to form a network of loyal customer base. Upload the document to Cloud account (self / some other) Save paper, save the environment & save money Set PDF permissions and add compression could be considered as CSR initiative - Reduce Carbon foot print Windows explorer plugin Easy to upload any document to a user's cloud account.

Benefits of Digitizer

Digitizer is a low footprint, low maintenance application that helps to avoid printing of documents and place them in intended recipient’s cloud account and connect the businesses directly with the recipient. Digitizer establishes connections with customers for repeat business and word of mouth promotions and reduces paper clutter.


Use analytics data from the consumer behavior Gets insights from analytics to strategize business Take advantage of analytics to take business to new heights Any consumer who wants to understand spend analytics.

Benefits of GoData

The GoData Analytics Engine is a rich analytics solution to help businesses to obtain the right insight into their business as well as the forming trends, helping them shape their business strategy.

It can be leveraged through its intuitive Visualization of enterprise Data to ensure increased sales, improved revenue & margin, insights in to customer behaviors & preferences and conduct product specific, region specific sale and other data.

Go Document Management - document mgmt & brand building

Do Targeted marketing / sales & promotions Do Context based content marketing Build brand through word-of-mouth recommendations Leverage trusted connections for S-Commerce Any consumer who wants to manage documents, reduce clutter, share with connections & get targeted promotional offers.

Benefits of Go Document Management

The DMS helps businesses and consumers to manage their documents centrally and provides cost effective solution for businesses to build their online brand, marketing, targeted sales and promotions.

Go Document Management DMS can be used to build online presence and brand in a cost effective manner, context sensitive marketing, targeted marketing & sales promotions and to showcase products / services to potential customers.

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